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TiHKAL · info is a visual index and map of “TiHKAL: The Continuation,” by Alexander & Ann Shulgin. In TiHKAL the authors continue their exploration (begun in “PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story”) of the chemistry and transformative power of psychedelic drugs, devoting this volume to tryptamines, β-carbolines, and LSD analogues.

TiHKAL (the book) contains detailed reports on 55 substances and perhaps a hundred more are touched on. Still other tryptamines not discussed in the book are known or are suspected to have psychedelic potential. TiHKAL · info is my attempt to map out the terrain.

Numbering of the tryptamine skeleton

All tryptamines on this website are drawn with the ring locants arranged counterclockwise starting at the (indole) nitrogen, drawn at left. This is the standard numbering for tryptamines, and the order used in TiHKAL


trypt-amine\'trip-ta-,mēn\ n. [tryptophan fr. tryptic, fr. trypsin, fr. Gk. tryein, to wear down (from its occurence in pancreatic juice as a proteolytic enzyme) + amine fr. NL ammonia] 1: A naturally occurring compound found in both the animal and plant kingdoms. It is an endogenous component of the human brain. 2: Any of a series of compounds containing the tryptamine skeleton, and modified by chemical constituents at appropriate positions in the molecule.
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