Misuse of Drugs Act
Part I Class A Drugs
Source: L. A. King, Forensic Chemistry of Substance Misuse: A Guide to Drug Control, RSC Publishing, Cambridge, 2009
Pethidine skeleton
Effective 1 Apr 1987, S.I. 1986/2230 added:
Any compound (not being a compound for the time being specified in sub-paragraph (a) above structurally derived from Pethidine by modification in any of the following ways, that is to say:
  1. by replacement of the 1-methyl group by an acyl, alkyl whether or not unsaturated, benzyl or phenethyl group, whether or not further substituted;
  2. by substitution in the piperidine ring with alkyl or alkenyl groups or with a propano bridge, whether or not further substituted;
  3. by substitution in the 4-phenyl ring with alkyl, alkoxy, aryloxy, halogeno or haloalkyl groups;
  4. by replacement of the 4-ethoxycarbonyl by any other alkoxycarbonyl or alkoxyalkyl or acyloxy group;
  5. by formation of an N-oxide or of a quaternary base.
CA: CDSA Schedule I Section 3 Phenylpiperidines

CA: CDSA Schedule I Section 3 Subsection 17 Pethidine
UN: Narcotics Part 1 Section 1 Pethidine
US: CSA Schedule II Section c Subsection 18 Pethidine
See also MDA Part I Class A Section 1(a) Pethidine
PubChem: 4058; ChemSpider: 3918; Erowid: Meperidine; Wikipedia: Pethidine
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